Matt Mohan

Introduction to my blog

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I’ve been interested in some of the new tooling in the static site generator and hybrid-SSR (Server Side Rendering) space, so I decided to build a simple blog in a couple of them to compare and contrast.

Tech Stack

This iteration of my blog is written in SvelteKit. I started with this template as a base and added views that filter based on tags. It’s setup to build as a static site and then hosted on Cloudflare Pages. It’s provided some impressive out-of-the-box performance, but it does look like there are a lot of opportunities for improvement


So far it’s been really easy to get setup, and publishing updates is as simple as pushing new commits to GitHub. I guess we’ll see how long that continues to hold once I get past the hello world phase, but so far my hopes are high.

Matt Mohan

I’m Matt, a software engineer based just outside of Toronto, Canada. This blog is mostly an excuse to (re)build sites with different web tooling and compare their relative merits